Once you have decided to build a residential wood fence for your home, you might be wondering if you should also stain it. At Ruco Fence, we will take care of the work for you with our pre-stain, available in the color chestnut. To help you determine if this decision is right for you, we have compiled a list of the 5 key reasons why pre-stain will protect and benefit your Huntsville, AL wood fence. 

Protect your Residential Fence Investment in Huntsville, AL

Ruco Fence is proud to work with Stain and Seal to offer the highest-quality staining product on the market. Our pre-stain, available in the color chestnut, ensures maximum protection for your wood fence. Take a look at the key benefits of pre-staining your Huntsville, AL wood fence. 


Protects Against UV Damage 

The detrimental effects of the sun’s UV rays on a natural material like wood are well-known. Wood fences exposed to sunlight can deteriorate, turn gray, and become increasingly vulnerable to damage. Stain and Seal pre-stain is a preventive measure, as it incorporates a UV protectant within its deep-penetrating oil-based ingredients. This feature ensures that the sun’s rays won’t be able to ruin your investment and will preserve the quality and appearance of your wood fence.


Prevents Rot and Decay
Once water penetrates your wood fence, rot will quickly set in. Our oil-based pre-stain will protect your fence from rot and decay, ensuring the longevity and attractiveness of your wood fence.


Protects Your Wood Fence Structure

As a Northern Alabama fence staining company, it is our mission to build your wood fence with top-grade wood and materials. Combined with our high-quality pre-stain from Stain and Seal, our oil-based stain will protect your wood fence from the twisting and warping common to unprotected wood fences.


Deep-Penetrating Protection with Oil-Based Stain

Our stain and seal product features deep-penetrating conditioning oils that reach the core of the wood boards. This ensures the best protection for your new wood fence. Unlike water-based products that simply sit on the surface or evaporate, our formulation actively safeguards the entire wood board. 

Safer Chemicals That Provide Protection

Stain and Seal Semi-Transparent pre-stain has low VOC for the safety of our customers. What is VOC? VOC stands for “volatile organic compound,” a common chemical responsible for that new paint or stain smell. Unfortunately, these unstable chemicals give off gasses that are harmful to people and the environment. As a trusted Huntsville, AL wood fence staining company, we understand the importance of protecting your home and the people in it. This is why we use pre-stain that is lower in these chemicals for every wood-staining fence project. 

Painting vs. Staining Your Huntsville, AL Wood Fence

For most outdoor wood projects, staining is a better option than painting. Unlike paint, our high-quality stain doesn’t peel or crack. Although wood stain may fade over time and require reapplication after several years, it is proven to be the more durable choice.

Choosing to paint on your fence, on the other hand, comes with the downside of cracking and peeling within a few years, depending on the paint quality you choose. Once it’s time to repaint, the labor-intensive process involves scraping off the existing color, prepping the surface, and then applying the new paint. This is a time-consuming process that is also more expensive over the long term when compared to staining your wood fence. 

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